Saturday, August 20, 2016

Introduction - How can we make eLearning more accessible?

Hi everybody!

I've started this blog in Module 3 to act as the hub for the research I'll be doing throughout the remainder of the course.

I want to find out the different things people are doing to make eLearning more accessible, with a particular focus on what's been done to bridge the digital divide in rural and remote areas. I've spent most of my career thus far teaching in rural areas, and I'd like to think eLearning will become a more viable option. What is being done, and what can I/we do to make that happen?

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  1. Hi Andrew;
    Congratulations on becoming an Ontario edublogger!

    When educators make their thinking and learning visible to others, we all learn more rapidly and collaboratively. We have the tools, now, to share and learn together without boundaries.

    eLearning is essential in isolated areas. It is also essential to students who are pursuing other interests. Our athletes, artists, travellers and student entrepreneurs, as well as students who are unable to attend bricks and mortar school for a number of reasons, all need alternatives to f2f schooling.

    We have some very innovative, caring and talented teachers who are enabling this in Ontario and throughout
    Canada who you are more likely to connect with now that you are also sharing openly.

    I look forward to sharing in learning with you.