Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Differentiated Instruction and Universal Design

Identify several strategies that you would use to support students in your online learning environment. Describe how you would implement these strategies in your online class.

1. "stimulate interest and motivation for learning" - find out as much as you can about your students' personal interests, hobbies, and learning styles. This will allow you to tailor certain assignments to individual learners, and give them different choices. Teachers can find out this information through Google Forms or through scheduled face-to-face time.

2. "present information and content in different ways" - utilize text, graphic organizers, videos, audio recordings/podcasts, images, games, etc. to display information.  

3. make adjustments, as needed - if you find students aren't displaying success, consider trying something new. Talk to students directly, in order to see why they're struggling. Be flexible in terms of the ways that students can display their knowledge. 

4. present opportunities for students to make personal connections - the more the students can relate to the content, the more likely they are to display motivation and engagement. 

5. emphasize critical thinking
a) ask open-ended questions that can have multiple right answers
b) give students the opportunity to think and reflect with their peers, in order to encourage collaboration and negotiation 
c) challenge conventional thinking



http://www.ortingschools.org/cms/lib03/WA01919463/Centricity/domain/326/purpose/resources/Key%20Principles%20of%20a%20Differentiated%20Classroom.pdf (This is a very useful resource!)

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